And then there is France !

Paris has long fascinated the world as a center of fashion, culture and taste. Yet Paris is but a reflection of a far richer place : France, a country renowned for its beauty, history and craftsmanship. From its long-established ateliers which continue to produce unique products that have enchanted visitors for centuries to France's varied and treasured regional traditions and specialities, France continues to captivate those who seek the very best in refinement and style.

"Poet, honour her!" said Apollinaire about France : a country that embodies l’art de vivre, savoir-faire, and often reveals unsuspected delights and treasures.

An inspiration, a concept

During her travels, Céline finds the best of France and distils its essence for those who have visited or who dream to visit the country one day. So, she developed her concept offering a new product, a new service.
In doing so, we not only promote French heritage, crafts, history and values but makes them accessible to all. These unique packages enable all who love France to bring home one-of-kind gifts, both exclusive and regional ...that is, truly a little piece of France. You need look no further than this fine selection to be assured of quality. The contents are carefully selected not only for connoisseurs but for everyone: tourists, businessmen, families. They are for those who have visited France and, indeed, for those who dream to do so: if only to evoke a distant memory or a long-term desire.We have created these gift boxes, filled with unique objects representing an assortment of French treasures to share with you, the finest of our country, both in spirit and craftsmanship. And like a fine tea, they are infused with the quintessence of French culture. “Let’s dream in French together.”

Boxes of yesteryear with a contemporary flaire

The boxes provide a collection of upscale French specialties, all made in France. They combine elegance and refinement, whether through the savor of a special treat or the expertise of a cutler.
For all lovers of France, let yourself be lulled by the items selected for these exclusive gift boxes from PETITS TRESORS DE FRANCE.

About us

Friends in life, partners in business. Céline, sales manager in the luxury fashion industry, fascinated by the discovery of the world and its cultures, loves travelling. Maud, coming from the large retailers sector, is very keen on literature and history. Both love France, both wish to make France's best products available to everyone thought out the world.
Thus, they became partners to promote the best of France through these exquisite boxes.