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“1, 2, 3 I am back from France; 4, 5, 6 with treasures; 7, 8, 9 in my brand new set; 10, 11,12 let’s play again!”… souvenir time! 


SET OF  54 PLAYING CARDS – THE KINGS OF FRANCE, Quelle Histoire Editions

Have fun discovering the Kings of France. A fun way to experience French royalty. Be LouisXIV, an absolute monarch represented by the king of hearts or perhaps the Renaissance king François 1st as king of clubs. Maybe you’d prefer to play as Maria Theresa of Austria–wife ofLouis XIV–the queen of hearts or Marguerite de Provence–wife of Louis IX and mother of 12children– illustrated as the queen of spades. 

WOODEN CUP AND BALL, 4,52 in, , Seurre et Fils

Seurre et Fils, a French company created in 1947 crafts wooden games. Cup-and-ball is a game that has honed co-ordination skills for several centuries;  play with it as  Henry III once did in Court. 

COLOURING PARIS,6,49×9,44 in,  Leconte Editions

Grab your pencils, take your pens and off you go… Colour the monuments of France as you remember them or maybe would like them to be!

SNOW DOME, 3,54 x 3,14 x 3,14 in, Atypyk

Paris under the snow, a true souvenir made in France. An Eiffel Tower in your bag or on your bedside table. Shake the snow dome and watch the snowflakes fall quietly on one of Paris’ most amazing monuments and let your imagination wander. 

A souvenir box, gifts to delight you. 


Do you speak french ? You can begin to learn  new words with  these illustrated playing cards. Good luck !


Caramel appeared during the XIVth century at the same time the virtues of salt were discovered. Britain initially had the advantage over France as King Philip VI established a salt tax that made the production of salted butter too expensive. Salt is now reasonably priced in France and thus  fine French caramels are once more affordable.

Although salted butter caramel has been known since 1946, this speciality of Brittany became world-renown when the chocolate maker Henri le Roux invented a sweet salted butter caramel and marketed it.  

Decorated with an illustration of a classic French car, this box of caramel is a speciality of Brittany.


A though provoking biscuit : both in  flavour and decoration. This small traditional butter cookie features  4 highlighted corners and  52 small indentations along with  24 perforations set on four lines. These, according to the legend, may corresponds to the four seasons, the 52 weeks of the year and the 24 hours of a day. Share these biscuits with friends, as the children of France do during school recess. 

LOLLIPOPS “FER DE LANCE”, Pierrot Gourmand

In 1924, Pierrot Gourmand created the first lollipop: employing flavoured barley sugar shaped as a spearhead on a stick made from Madagascan rattan to avoid sticky fingers. These traditional  lollipops combine a taste of today with the fragrance of yesteryear. 

POSTCARD, BOOKMARK, Leconte Editions

Illustrated postcards were introduced in 1873 and quickly gained popularity during the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 when a card featuring the Eiffel Tower was first sold. From 1904 onwards, postcards helped photography to spread worldwide and their images enabled many to enjoy France from their armchairs at home. Help revive this old custom by sending a friend or loved one a postcard or keep them as a traditional souvenir of France.

Agility, prowess, learning and tasting, all senses are challenged,  to satisfy just about anyone, especially children.