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Continue your trip around Paris with this Paris Opera set that gathers for you some small Parisian treasures. 


Boule à neige Tour Eiffel Atypyk, coffret enfant , petits trésors de France

Snow dome Eiffel Tower, Atypik

Paris under the snow, a true souvenir made in France. An Eiffel Tower in your bag or on your bedside table. Shake the snow dome and watch the snowflakes fall quietly on one of Paris’ most amazing monuments and let your imagination wander.

Exclusive black and white photograph of Paris, framed with an enhancing border, 7,08 x 5,11 in,  by Laurent Villaron

Niepce, Daguerre, Cartier-Bresson, Magnum… France has a long history  related to photography and Paris, the City of Light, remains one of its great inspirations. Admire and keep this black and white photograph exclusively taken for  Petits Trésors de France by a Parisian photographer.

A picture of the Eiffel Tower taken from the Alexandre III bridge, a symbol of French romanticism.

A box full of scents, made in France in a precious and delicate way in order to pursue an unexpected trip.


miel de Paris numéroté Audric de Campeau

Paris Honey “Miel de Paris” limited production by Audric de Campeau, Parisian beekeeper.

A surprising product from the beehives located on the roof tops of the celebrated Paris Opera house. Beyond the exceptional quality of this honey, do not forget that the bee was the symbol of the Napoleonic Empire.

Let yourself be seduced by the flamboyant colour of this pure honey and its specific fragrance.

 Cookie plate “Marie-Antoinette” collection, Gien.

For over 200 years, the Faïence de Gien has represented the purest tradition of French table ware. With skills, Gien  is today a member of the prestigious Comité Colbert, a symbol of luxury and excellence.

Display on your table  this “Marie-Antoinette” plate, fill it with sweets, have coffee or tea … and remember… Paris.

Chestnut cream 4,23 oz, Angelina

Founded in 1903, Angelina is a French tearoom which combines  pleasure and sophistication. It has always been a place to be, especially among the Parisian aristocracy : Proust, Coco Chanel and many others were frequent visitors.

Imbert, specialist in the fabrication of chestnut cream, has been making chestnut products for over a century. This chestnut cream is the main ingredient of the iconic Mont-Blanc, Angelina’s famous trademark pastry since 1903.

marques pages et cartes postales paris

2 Bookmarks, 2 postcards by Emmanuel Gil

A vintage bookmark with an illustration of Paris. Keep it inside your book…and remember Paris forever…