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Enjoy the Premium Package Petits Trésors de France

2 CRYSTAL CHAMPAGNE FLUTES, Villari style, 7,24 in, Royal Crystal of Champagne

The Royal Crystal of Champagne was founded in 1678 at the request of Colbert. Provisioner to Louis XIV, the Royal Crystal of Champagne is considered to be the expert in traditional techniques such as blown turning. Today, as part of the Daum group, it continues this tradition.

Enhance your table with these two beautiful flutes, combining luxury and refinement and recreate your own  memorable moment worthy of Versailles’ nobility.

Or you could meet on a lovers’ bridge, such as the legendary Pont des Arts or PontAlexandre III, with this set. Enjoy Champagne with these sumptuous crystal flutes for 2 : an exquisite 

an exclusive box made in France


Since 1818, Candiflor offers treats mainly made of violet. The delicate petals are dipped into a sugar syrup before being crystallized, drained and dried in open air. Let yourself be overwhelmed by this unusual delicacy from Toulouse. Immerse them in the Royal champagne flutes, close your eyes and taste them mixed with champagne. 

A box that includes souvenirs, reflecting fine craftsmanship

GUILLAUCHE TRAVEL SPRAY, a rose gold finish with palladium caps and rings,  3,93 in, Marcel Franck, for you Madam


Fill this travel spray : a true work of art employing unique world famous French techniques.  Keep this precious item in your bag, it will delight you, you will use it without hesitation. Supplied with a pouch and a funnel. 

exceptional objects reflecting French history  and French know-how


World renowned for its finesse, enjoy  French lace once made with a needle and a bobbin, is known as “the queen of lace”. A luxury product that Colbert duringLouis XIV’s reign expanded  by founding  “The Royal manufactory of the Points de France”.

The mechanisation of Calais lace allows the creation of any design with complete freedom. Thus this craft can evolve but remain faithful to the quality of the hand made models with an unparalleled finesse. 

Solstiss, a reference brand in the luxury world known for its refined laces; the most prestigious fashion designers turn to it for its innovations. 

How wonderful it will be  to decorate your table with this famous and refined lace and which will highlight your beautiful crystal champagne flutes.

Enjoy a journey through time with this exclusive collection

SHAVING BRUSH, 3,93 in, Plisson, for you Sir

Enjoy, like the great men of the world, the flagship of Plisson shaving brushes. Plisson was the official supplier to Emperor Napoléon. The brush is designed in the purest handmade French tradition. It remains timeless.

 This shaving brush made of real badger hair will enchant you with its softness and smoothness. Try it and enjoy the pure pleasure it provides.

A journey through time with today’s souvenirs and gifts .

CLOCK MEDALLION LOUIS XIV MARBLE COURT, 0,19 in, golden bronze finish by Arthus Bertrand for the Château de Versailles

This medallion depicts the clock dominating the marble court of the Château deVersailles. Located above the King’s bedroom, the clock was the time reference of the court thanks to its three bells. It features the face of Apollo, God of the Sun and symbol of Louis XIV, who was known as the Sun King. 

A precious object, evoking stories that will intrigue your guests.

 gifts to offer which represents France’s quintessential style

  EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPH OF PARIS, black and white framed with an enhancing border,11,81  x 7, 87 in,  limited edition signed by Laurent Villaron

Niepce, Daguerre, Cartier-Bresson, Magnum … France has long history related to photograph, and Paris, the City of Light, remains one of its great inspirations.

Admire and keep this blackandwhite photograph exclusively taken for Petits Trésors de France by a Parisian photographer. A picture of the Eiffel Tower taken from the Alexandre III bridge, a symbol of French romanticism.